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  • Have a stylish and chic place to house your bio and portfolio to book the styling jobs you prefer.
  • NO finders fee or commissions 
  • Onsite Stylists will advertise your business and portfolio. We will work to find you the styling jobs that you desire without taking any commissions from jobs booked through the site.
  • Flexibility in Your Schedule? The choice is yours
  • You choose the days you wish to work as well as the services you provide. You will also have control over your space and portfolio.

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Onsite Stylists is perfect for brides and other special occasions! It makes it so easy for clients to find trusted and professional stylists for in their area.

Lauren Griffin

Wardrobe Stylist, Trousseau Style

Onsite Stylists is a great place to be seen. The set up was so easy, and I could do it all myself, just the way I wanted it.

Meredith Mann

Makeup Artist, Meredith Mann Makeup